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These days, Oriental philosophy, Yin and Yang, or the Book of Changes are regarded as Simple old story or a chat of the aged to us. That may well be, because this is the age of Science. It’s not a fault of anyone, because we are living in the age of materialism. In this diversified age, it seems that the value of human life which follows the Providence is useless or nothing. But, the law of universe exists anywhere and nobody can escape from it, forever. The Yin and Yang mean the principle and coexistence based on the Sun and Moon. In that, iron, water, fire, and soil are coexisted or rejected each other. It means the providence of circulation of Nature and the explanation of human life with scientific mathematical formula. What a deep principle it is! Although I’m not good at its deep meaning, it’s so good luck for me to meet the principle of astrology. For that affinity, I fell into the Oriental idea about the Universe. The stars in the sky are related with our lives in present Nature.
The view of Universe which understands the essence of life and finds its principles is the process of finding the answers of life with the deep reasons of oriental philosophy and old holy man’s saying. My expressions in works intend to understanding of that view with formative paintings. In the process of watching, feeling, and thinking of my works, I want to extract one’s own world from deep mind, and take them into the journey to more winder Universe.
Expressing that world and profound idea is not easy and may beyond my power. I know that well. The process which can show the sun and moon in one simple screen and the essence of world it’s real aesthetic of my works. If I can show the hidden mountains and endless sky, I’ll be able to talk that I obtain something over my intentions. When you see the lonely island in the quiet sea, you’ll be wanted to be there with the Universe, throwing all trouble soreness. And when you see the waterfall, you’ll be able to feel that all Nature coexists with this Universe. Stepping stones means that everyone passed it or will pass it, and it can be you. I want to give the weight of life to each stone, and make us obey the providence of Nature. If we can see something with that view, we can regard little thing such as wild flower or stone as valuable thing, and approach to the more rich mental world.
My skills are poor and foolish yet, but I’ll search it constantly and effort to show the philosophy of Universe about Time and Space, forever. I’m sorry that I couldn’t express with old saint’s deep truth well in my works. Asking pardon of my lack, I pray to God for his blessing.

Son, Cha-Yong