Born in Bo-eun eup – Korea in 1956, he spent his youth in the country in permanent contact with nature. He began very early, at the age of 10 years, to become interested in drawing as well as painting his sole occupation in a country ravaged by war.

Sent by his parents in town to finish his studies, he took his first painting class at the College. Noticed by his teachers, he represents his school at various national competitions. He won the first prize in the Art School (Hong-Ik University) in Seoul, one of the most famous in Korea.

After winning several national and international awards representing Korea, he received a scholarship and became a student of Professor Jang Yeong-joo, diciple painter Bo Eun Kim Ki-chang.

At the age of 29 Son Cha-yong became a professional painter. He participated in several group exhibitions and exhibited, in his first solo exhibition in 1992 ,traditional landscapes. Since 1997 and its second exhibition, his paintings have undergone a remarkable change in his spiritual and physical design.
He tried to create a new approach to the design of the eastern-based nature of cosmic order. He demonstrates the mutual interdependence between man and nature, the unity of man and the universe, time and space.
Now recognized in Korea and member of several art organizations, he currently lives in France. His studio is located in Honfleur.

Prices :
International Competition of Painting, Seoul, KOREA – 2 times special price
Organization  Competition of professional painters – 3 times special price
Artists’ Competition Tae-jeon – 3 times special price

Organization member :
Organization of Koreans Painters , Korea| Organization of Professional Koreans Painters , Korea
International Artist of Nature and Environment, Korea | Vice-President of the Association Nudes Drawings, KOREA
International Info Art, KOREA | Traditional painting, KOREA
Chinese Calligraphy and Painting of Nanjyng, CHINA| Oriental Nude Croquis Membreship, KOREA | Unesco

1988 – 1994 : Teacher of professional paint  artists  (Cultural Center of Hyundai – Seoul)
1993 – 2009 : Teacher of painting and drawing naked for professional artists (Cultural Center of Tae-jeon)